Our affiliations

We are part of the Nottingham Engineering Biology Labs (NEBL) where we build on advances in synthetic biology and biotechnology, work at the interface with adjacent fields, and collaborate with industry to translate progress for society and the bioeconomy.

The University of Nottingham
We are now mainly based at The University of Nottingham, a world-class Russell Group university with particular expertise and unique facilities for industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology.

Imperial College London
Several group members are jointly or solely affiliated with Imperial College London, another world-class Russell Group university, with well-establised strength in synthetic biology.

The School of Life Sciences
We are part of The School of Life Sciences, a large and diverse School based at the University Park campus and Queen's Medical Centre university hospital.

The Green Chemicals Beacon
We are part of The Green Chemicals Beacon, one of six Beacons of Excellence funded by The University of Nottingham to tackle pressing global challenges.

Microbiology Society
Most of the group are members of the UK's Microbiology Society.

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Biochemical Society
Most of the group are members of the UK's Biochemical Society.

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